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DYLN Medium Bottom Guard

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$16.90 BND
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$16.90 BND

Enjoy protection from the unexpected with the medium silicone bottle guard made for your DYLN Bottle. The Medium Bottom Guard fits 32 oz DYLN Alkaline Bottles for easy, on the go hydration fit for every adventure. The BPA-free guard adds an extra layer of protection against bumps and dents, helping your bottle live life to its fullest potential.

The simple but effective design fits snug against your bottle cushioning it from drops and slippage. Whether it’s the damage from a drop or the embarrassing sounds of your bottle knocking over, the Bottom Guard muffles sound while keeping the exterior safe. Plus, this medium flex boot can double as a portable doggy bowl when you’re both on the go.

With five beautiful colors, customize the look of your bottle. The people have spoken and the Bottom Guard is a game-changer. Get yours.

  • Fits 32 oz DYLN Bottle
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to remove and clean