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Brewista X-Series Aroma Double Wall Cup 120ml

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As we all know, different varieties of specialty coffee have their own unique flavors, which are represented by sour, sweet, bitter, and mellow. For coffee of different flavors, the excellent container shape can make the flavor of coffee more prominent. It is Brewista double wall glass Aroma Cup / Taste Cup. "Every cup of coffee has its own character. Give it a more suitable vessel to show its unique flavor and temperament!"


  • Aroma Cup
    The cup mouth of the Aroma Cup is closed, and the coffee aroma is gathered at the mouth of the cup to help evaluate the aroma of the cup, which will make the acidity of the coffee liquid more distinct.
  • Taste Cup
    The mouth of the Taste Cup is enlarged, and the arc-turned mouth gives the lips a better tactile experience, and the cup shape better shows the sweetness and silky smoothness of coffee.
  • Food-grade double-layer high-temperature resistant glass, anti-scalding and good for the heat preservation of beverages
  • Diamond shape design, continuation of Brewista X Series's cut surface shape, modern lines, simple and elegant
  • Special structure design, single layer of cup mouth, thin wall and smooth cup edge to enhance the lubricity of coffee liquid inlet