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Aztery Hand Grinder Set

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$85.00 BND
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$85.00 BND
Created for coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, the Aztery Hand Grinder is a high-performance coffee grinder with an advanced burr design + lightweight aluminum body, and ultra-smooth drive assembly.
Engineered to achieve the highest performance of grind particle distribution and consistency our burr design utilizes advanced geometries and tolerances providing an extremely consistent grind result with a highly refined particle distribution from coarse grind sizes for filter brewing to fine grind sizes for espresso.
Key Features:
  • Dual ball bearing drive assembly which ensures an ultra-smooth and stable function.
  • Aluminum body construction that has the drive assembly supports cast in one part for the most strength and rigidity through the torque crank.
  • All packaged in a handy zipper travel case to take it with you wherever you brew! It even has room for coffee and papers inside too.
  • Precision 5 Axis CNC’d 38mm Stainless Steel Burr (Hardness: HRC58)
  • 24 Point Precision Grind Adjustment per 360° rotation. Over 110 x Steps in Total