The company are a pioneering digital period care company with the vision to provide quality care to women everywhere. 
Enya was brought to life with the aspiration to provide more affordable and holistic lifestyle options - especially with feminine care. With the right balance of passion and innovation paired with technological advances, we strive to do something about it –starting with organic cotton.
Why Organic Cotton?
Harvested and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, we chose cotton at its purest form specially for your down unders!
Your vaginal skin is highly permeable, hence it is more prone to sensitivity. Organic cotton is more “ breathable ” and skin-friendly for your sensitive region, placing our period pads as one of the highly preferred conscious choices among women.

Enya's Products


What type of pads do you offer?

Currently we have 3 types of pads!

Enya Premium | Heavy & Regular flow 

Our Enya Premium is catered for heavy and regular flow. Perfect combo for your menstrual flow!

Our Enya Basics are catered for regular flow. Best used if you have light flow or the 3rd/4th day of your period.

Our Enya Plus is catered for all my extra heavy flow ladies out there. Best used for your first few heavy flow days, suitable for overnight and maternity usage. 


How about pantyliners?

Our Enya Pantyliners are suitable for daily discharge usage, or the first and last few days of your period.


Where are they made?

Enya products are made by a certified manufacturer in China. They've been manufacturing feminine products for decades, they know their stuff!


What are the ingredients?

Enya's pads are FREE of fragrances, chlorine bleach, parabens, phthalates, dioxins & toxic adhesives. It contains 100% organic cotton top sheet, high quality airlaid paper, 200g super absorbency paper, PE breathable backsheet, adhesive strip and release paper (paper + silicone oil).


Do your pads feel thick, like a diaper?

Nope! We made sure they are ultra thin (0.2CM) for comfort and it can absorb up to 3-4 hours.


How many pads are there in each pack?

Enya Premium | 6 day pads 6 night pads 

Enya Basics | 10 day pads

Enya Pantyliners | 20 pantyliners

Enya Plus | 8 extra-long pads 


How long are your pads?

After our targeted survey, we found out that every centimeter makes a huge emotional security difference when we're menstruating. 

Enya Premium | Day - 24cm  Night - 28.5cm

Enya Basics | 24cm

Enya Pantyliners | 16.5cm

Enya Plus | 35cm 

Yes, that 0.5 cm does matter. 


How much can the pads absorb?

Enya Premium | Day - 80ml (~6 tablespoons)  Night - 120ml (~8 tablespoons)

Enya Basics | 80ml (~6 tablespoons)

Enya Plus | 150ml (~10 tablespoons)


What’s the shelf life?

Like all pads, the shelf life is 3 years from manufacturer date. You can find this at the bottom of our product packaging.


How do I use a pad?

You came to the right tab. First, unwrap the pad from the packaging. Then, remove the backing to expose the adhesive. Place the pad on the center patch of your underwear with the adhesive down to hold your pad firmly in place. And ladies, always remember to lock down the wings too. You know, just so that it doesn't fly away 😉