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WOUWOU Hair Care Essential Oil 100ML

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WOWO Nutrition Hair Mask


  • Repairs damaged hair
  • - Oil molecules dissolve in hair to repair damaged hair, making hair smooth, full of texture and durable. Heal split ends. 

  • Smoother and supple hair
  • - After applying shampoo, Oil molecules quickly penetrate deeply to replenish nutrients and restore hair smoothness. Moisturizes and improves quality of hair. 

  • Provides sun protection
  • - Apply before going outdoor to instantly form a protective film and at the same time to ensure hair is shiny and rich.


    How To Use

    Dry your hair with towel.

    Rub 1 pump for short hair or 2 pumps for long hair between the palms and apply evenly on hair.

    Blow dry your hair with hair dryer.

    Optional: Apply some oil on hair after drying with hair dryer or every morning before getting out of the house for sun protection purpose.