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Mori Tea (10 Teabags)

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All ingredients are 100% grown from the farm and are all tested pesticide free.
The teabags and outer sachets for all of our teas are 100% biodegradable and home composable.

Nurtured from our soil to the finest herbal teas.

  • Peppermint

A classic tea flavour, we're excited to introduce our very own Peppermint Tea, the third addition to our artisanal herbal tea collection.

Bold and refreshing, this infusion is made from pure peppermint leaves lovingly hand-picked to bring you a delicious cup that will soothe and invigorate your soul.

  • Minty Moringa

Proudly introducing our very own Minty Moringa Tea, the first addition to our artisanal herbal tea collection.

Bursting with vitamins and nutrients, our superfood tea blend will be your healthy go-to for an everyday caffeine-free boost. Radiate with that cool moringa glow!
  • Rosella Blend
Our Rosella Blend is the second addition we’re excited to include in our artisanal herbal tea collection!

Sip into rosella paradise to discover tangy flavours infused with fruity notes. This summery blend of ruby red rosella and lemongrass will have you sippin’ for more!
  • Lemongrass
We are delighted to share with you our Lemongrass Tea, the fourth addition to our artisanal herbal tea collection.

Sit back and relax with a cup of this herbal infusion with subtle citrus notes and hints of zest to gently warm you from within.