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LocknLock Thermos Wannabe 350ml

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$39.90 BND

Product Description:

The Wannabe tumbler is made of stainless steel (STS 316) which is a mirror finishing method applied to inner bottles that is resistant to smell and color staining and is easy to wash. The compact size fits in one hand and its is as light in weight as a smartphone. The triple air cap and double vacuum structure maintain excellent heat (65*C and above) and cool (8*C and below) insulatin power up to 12h. The ice strainer prevents the contents (ice, etc.) from spilling, and the silicone bottom minimizes noise and slip.

  • Material safe for health when storing all kinds of drinks.
  • With copper coating structure, vacuum heat layer and 2 layers of stainless steel, the bottle has outstanding heat retention, keeping hot and cold continuously for more than 10 hours.
  • One Touch open bottle design - easy to open the lid with 1 hand and 1 button press.
  • The jar has a removable stainless steel tea filter.
  • The lid of the bottle is made of safe PP plastic, with Silicon rings to create absolute tightness.
  • The bottom of the bottle has a silicone lining that prevents scratches on the bottom and noise when placing the water bottle.
  • The lid of the bottle can be disassembled so it is easy to clean.
  • Design design and color are very luxurious, beautiful and elegant.
  • The thermos bottle is highly applicable, can be carried when going outdoors, going to picnic, hiking, bringing to school, going to work is very convenient and beautiful.